Boarding & Day Care Requirements

To stay at the K9 R&R, dogs must be:

  1. Three months of age or older
  2. Friendly and generally social with people and other dogs
  3. In good health, free of ticks and fleas and on a preventative medication

Vet Record Requirements

Vet records with proof of vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian are required prior to admission. We will not accept any pets for boarding or daycare without records. The records must indicate that the dog has been vaccinated for the following:

  1. Rabies
  2. DHPP
  3. Bordatella – this required vaccine protects your dog against Kennel Cough

General health requirements

  1. All pets must be in good general health to board or participate in day-care at K9 R&R.
  2. No pets exhibiting signs of an illness, contagious viruses, etc. will be admitted.
  3. No dog will be admitted for any activity during heat cycle.
  4. Any pet known to have been exposed to a contagious virus must wait 30 days or until clearance from a DVM is given before coming to K9 R&R for any service.

Violation of this policy is a serious offense that puts other dogs at risk. Therefore, any pet owner who brings a pet to K9 R&R in violation of this policy shall be liable for all actual damages, which shall include, but not be limited to, veterinary care for all exposed dogs and loss of revenue and other direct expenses to K9 R&R.

Abandoned Pet Clause

In the case of an abandoned pet, K9 R&R will comply with Chapter 70 of the Texas State Property Code.

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