We’re more than a dog boarding kennel, and much more than a dog hotel.

We are a full-featured dog resort. K9 R&R will give your canine companion the best dog day care, doggie boarding, and/or dog training experience and we do it in a first-class “Vacation Style”. You can witness it in our photos and videos, plus you’ll experience it in person when you come visit us during our daily dog fun runs.  We are truly a luxury dog boarding and dog daycare facility! 

Our Style of Dog Boarding is designed to provide your pet with a totally enriched boarding experience, which we accomplish by giving pets the things they need most: behavioral choices, exercise, socialization and the absence of stress. 

Dogs prefer real homes and outdoor play yards over kennels or warehouses. By their very nature, they require socialization with other dogs and with people, not solitary confinement.

True “Home” Environment

Another element of our Enrichment Program at K9 R&R is the familiarity of our true-home environment style of canine boarding for dogs 24 hours a day. Dogs prefer a real home and outdoor play yards over a kennel or a warehouse. Every dog spends their days playing outdoors in cage-free yards and their nights sleeping in real homes with real bedrooms, and every minute of it with canine and human companionship. We serve the entire Houston area and are close to Cypress and the Katy area. Whether it is pet daycare, doggy boarding, canine training or a pool to cool off in, we’ve got it.