Doggie Daycare – A Better Alternative:

  • Our furry family members spend an average of 8-10 hours a day at home alone.
  • They wait for someone to come home, to play with them and give them the affection and exercise.
  • The lack of adequate stimulation caused by prolonged periods of alone time leads to the development of many common behavioral problems like barking, chewing, separation anxiety, over excitement when their human returns and even aggression.
  • The sad fact is that a lot of quality, loving and intelligent dogs are relinquished to animal shelters for these reasons.
  • The vast majority of the problems can be traced back to lack of exercise and mental stimulation.

K9 R&R Doggie Daycare is here to help:

  • Established to help owners find a positive outlet for their furry children’s energy.
    To provide a positive and safe environment to socialize and interact with other friendly dogs.
  • Your pup will spend the day chasing tennis balls, playing with other dogs or just relaxing in the sun next to the pool.
  • To run and play off leash is absolutely essential to their emotional and physical well being.
  • This builds positive social behavior and an outlet for normal behavior.
  • Not to mention they receive all the petting and hugging that a dog could possibly need.

Doggie Daycare alleviates unwanted behavior:

  • The energy they exert during the day playing at K9 R&R Doggie Daycare can translate into fewer chewed up personal belongings at home.
  • Fewer holes dug in the yard out of frustration or boredom.
  • No more guilt of leaving them home all day alone.
  • No more guilt of missing their regular walk because you returned home late or were just too tired from your busy day.
  • When the day is over, owners can rest assured that they are taking home a satisfied and content dog ….and we all know this makes both of you happy!


Doggie Daycare Boarding: All dog sizes is $25
Indoor kennels: starts at $35 a night and $20 a night for each additional dog.
Indoor suites/bedrooms: starts at $45/night and $30 a night for each additional dog

Weekly specials available!!

  • We work with/train and board difficult to handle dogs.
  • Price is based on size, temperament and special needs.
  • Contact us for specific pricing and information.

Don’t want your dogs in a cage?

We have in home rooms/suites and 5’x15’ indoor/outdoor kennels.

We’ll treat your animals like our own!

  • Multiple secure large yards
  • Cozy country environment
  • On-lead nature walks
  • Pool play yard
  • Customized playtime activities

Business Information:

  • No set hours, 24 hour on site staff
  • Available for last minute travel and/or emergency situations
  • Pick up and drop off available for your convenience at an additional cost.